Unique and Budget-Friendly Princess Favourite Party

Are you looking for a unique but affordable princess party favouring your shelf meeting? There are so many alternatives that the possibilities seem endless. In this article we will discuss ideas for a birthday princess party from simple and inexpensive to those that are more complicated. We always take into account busy moms in our choices of course.

Thinking about royalties often come to mind crown jewels. Why not try your own version of the party favor crown jewels? This favor of the party can take several different styles. First, choose a treasure chest, which can be either a heavy wooden treasure chest, that each guest can paint and decorate with stickers, stick to glue and glitter glue. Or opt for a simpler version. You can buy affordable small pink cardboard treasury boxes made specifically for party gifts. Make sure you fill your treasure boxes with large gem rings, brightly colored necklaces and candy rings.

No princess is complete without tiaras and magic wands. If all guests come in full dress prince or princess and then complete their team with a crown or tiara and wand. These items can be purchased inexpensively in most discount stores, as well as online event supply stores. There is no need for them to all match, you can choose different colors and styles to suit the different guests who will participate in the event. Make sure to buy a few extras in case one of the guests accidentally steps on one or break one during the event. Since no clowns will attend the party to cheer up the guests, so stashing away the extra tiara or wand if the problem arises is the best way to stop these tears from flowing. Depending on how much money you want to spend, you can also add matching boas feathers to the mix, which are tons of fun and take great pictures.

If you want other options that combine party craftsmanship and princess birthday favourites, you can always buy a DYO tiara or DYO set of wands that are pre-packed with all the necessary accessories for decoration. Or go to a local artisan shop and choose to do the same decoration details such as sequins, brocade glue, foam stickers letters and stick on jewels. Most artisan shops also wear foam tiaras and princess tapered hats in different colors, which are also fun tone for princess hand decoration designs.

Another unique way to combine fun at a party with party favourites is to create thematic princesses delicacies while at a party that guests bring home to enjoy later. Wilton has a wonderful new aluminum baking pan that makes it a snap to bake edible star rods using cookies, cookies, brownie mix or cereal treats and lollipop sticks. If you can’t find the frying pans in the shop or online, or if you want them in the old fashion way, just use the star cookie cutter to cut out brown, star-shaped cookies or cereal flakes and put the lollipop stick into the bottom. Decorating the wands is part of the party. Party guests use edible markers, edible brocade, sprinkle or M&M to decorate delicacies, or you can decorate them earlier and simply give them as gifts to royal party guests. Simply place the decorated edible wands in a transparent plastic bag, wrap the stick with a tie and you’ve turned this delicious treat into a princess’s edible favour for the party. You can even wrap the poles in a colourful ribbon and show them at the party by sticking the lollipop poles to the Styrofoam block. The positive side of this gift is that it is also fun for girls to decorate during the party, so you did two tasks in one. The problem could be a big mess? – there can be a big mess to clean up!

If you’re hosting a birthday princess party, and you don’t want to spend all kinds of time and money coming up with the best favorites princess party, then at least upgrade your basic party bag to the princess party bag thematic princesses hand. You can buy bags for cellophane events in sets of 12 crowns and the word “princess” printed on the outside, or upgrade to a reusable bag of felt or cotton, which is decorated with marabu, embroidery and jewels. Another great option for a party bag princess is to turn a small (but fancy) bag into a party bag and put all kinds of things in it that little girls love.



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