Buying New Vs Used Office Chairs

There comes a time when each office needs to upgrade or add office chairs los angeles, and when that time comes, most of us are subject to strict budgetary constraints. There is pressure to find the cheapest and best possible price without sacrificing quality, but more often than not without sacrificing key changes. Buying a fully adjustable, ergonomic chair that can be seated for hours a day can be a little expensive, let alone the need to buy ergonomic chairs for the whole office. The big question here is how can your company save money and get the most bang for its money? The best place to start answering this question is to think about whether you want to buy new or used office furniture, and consider the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Used office chairs

1. benefits – Perhaps the biggest benefit of buying used office chairs is the significant price savings they will incur. Since the chair was used by the previous customer, retailers must mark a certain number of used chairs to sell the product again. All used office chairs should be thoroughly checked for defects by the retailer to ensure that there are no problems with the chair before making it available for re-purchase. Online retailers usually advertise used office furniture as “open box deals”, which basically means that the chair was returned by the previous customer for any reason other than a defect or damage. Used office chairs can also be a great opportunity to bargain; if you do your research, you may find that the product you are interested in has only been slightly used by the previous customer. Many customers order the wrong color or try out the chair for the day to find out that it does not work for them, in which case you will be getting a substantially new chair at the price you are using.

2 Disadvantages – If you purchase a used chair and find out later you are not happy with it, there is a high probability that you will not be able to return the item. When used office furniture is purchased, this is usually the final sale because retailers simply cannot resell the same piece of furniture. Each time a chair is returned, it has a lower value and is worth less. Perhaps the biggest drawback of buying used office chairs is that the original warranty will be invalidated. If the original chair owner had a lifetime warranty on their product, if you then proceed to purchase a second-hand chair, the original warranty will not be passed down to you. This would leave you on the margin of luck if any part of the chair would break on the chair that would normally be covered if you bought a new chair.

New office chairs

1. Advantages – Buying a new chair allows you to freely decide what exactly you want and what you need in an office chair, including the level of adjustment, colour or upholstery, without having to sit down on anything less. You can also be sure that your chair will be covered by the warranty; the length and warranty specifications of each chair vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. If a part of the chair is damaged or you get the chair and it is damaged, you will be able to repair your parts quickly and free of charge. A new office chair is also much less likely to crack or wear out as soon as a used office chair will be in time, and you will be guaranteed a specified service life of the chair based on the manufacturer’s warranty. New office chairs are more often than not readily available for purchase no matter how much you are looking for. In many cases, there will be only one used office chair model available for purchase, which is not ideal for bulk orders, where many office chairs of the same model are needed.

Disadvantages – Getting a new high quality office chair with many customizations is expensive and may not fit in the budget of any business, especially when multiple is needed. Buying a used office chair can help your business save a lot on a new chair. It can also take longer for the chair to get sent and delivered by the used chair, because some chairs can be very customized to the person you like and this requires extra time to manufacture, while the used office chair has already been made.

Regardless of whether your company decides to purchase a new office chair or a used office chair, it is important to conduct research on the chair of your choice before purchasing it. Try to determine whether the chair comes with a warranty and how long the warranty will be extended to you, especially if you are looking to purchase a used chair. If you are looking to purchase multiple chairs and you need to buy them completely new.


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